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  • Best beginner mantis?
    Hello! I would always go for a hardy Giant Asian, Ghost Mantis, Shield Mantis first possibly Giant Deadleaf. Hope this helps!
  • Does the weather effect when my parcel will come?
    The Praying Mantis's/Inverts welfare must come first. To prevent overheating during heatwaves (above 26c) We will not despatch until the weather is optimal for transportation, You will always be kept updated and an alternative date will be available. During the colder months if the temperature drops too low (3 degrees c) We will not despatch until it is safe to do so, even with heat packs it is too risky for the mantis's safety. During the Colder weather Isopods will also include heat packs.
  • Do I need heating for my Mantis or Spider?
    Yes, always yes. You can choose a variety of heating equipment from heat mats and cables, to lamps and a room heater. All of which need to be on a Thermostat! Even in the summer the stat will regulate the correct temps. Your room temps are very unlikely to reach the right temps, you want your invert to Thrive not just..survive. Please check the care guides for the whats whys and hows.
  • I have lots of questions! Please help
    Hello there, If after going through the Spider and Mantis guides on my website you still require further help, Id suggest this Facebook Group Fly related issues? Guide here Enclosure Instructions Misc information at the Information Tab on my website. If you require one on one help and none of the above is any good to you then please contact me and we can arrange a consultation by phone, this however is a flat fee of £10 for 10 Minutes. I do my upmost to make sure all information is available to you, my time is valuble here as I have so many cute inverts to look after! So please understand that I will be charging for extra time spent giving advice. Thank you, MH
  • Can my Mantis live together?
    Hello, No, they cannot. The chances of cannibalism are far too high to even risk it. Even species that do get along to some extent still have the chance of death due to cohabitation.
  • Do the jumping spider kits come with a spider?
    Yes it does, it does mention this in the listing details. Thank you, MH
  • Do you sell/ship outside of the UK?
    Unfortunately since brexit this has become impossible. Thank you for your interest!
  • What time do I have to order by for Wednesday's delivery?
    Orders for dispatch on a Tuesday or Wednesday need to be made the day before, before 10am. ​ You should receive an email the day before your parcel is dispatched to let you know I am prepping your order. We do not send out close to the weekend due to the invertebrates health.
  • How to questions?
    I run a Facebook group called Praying Mantis Advice Care and Chat. For help for all things Mantis please go there. MH
  • Dispatch email? Tracking?
    Your dispatch email will be sent either the day of packing or the day of dispatch pending on my schedule. Your tracking number will be in there for Royal Mail. Please check your junk folder if you feel you have not gotten one.
  • Replacement Enclosure Parts
    Hello, Unfortunately I do not sell or have a reserve of spare parts, if you need a replacement of some sort please contact Mantis Den through Facebook. MH
  • Can you sex a Mantis for me?
    If I am able and have time I will happily sex a mantis so you can have the gender you wish. However it depends on the instar and how old the mantis is. Under I3 unlikely. All sexing is not guaranteed. Just pop a note in with your order and If I am able to I will.
  • What temp does my Mantis/Invert need?
    I have 2 guides on my site for Jumping Spiders and Mantis. Both give a generic guide for them, however if you need individual species temps and humidity requirements, please do your research.
  • Will my order definitely arrive next day if I use the guaranteed by 1pm service?
    Please be aware you need to place your order the day before you would like it dispatched by 10am. If you order at 5pm on a Wednesday, your order will not be dispatched until the following Tuesday. The guaranteed by 1pm service is guaranteed by Royal Mail and not Themantishouse. This option is the only safe method of posting to post live invertebrates. Your delivery is the Royal Mails responsibility.
  • What food do I feed my new Invert?
    If you are getting a mantis anything under I3 Instar3, is usually on fruit flies Hydei. Anything over that then Greenbottles are suggested. With Jumping spiders I5+ I would suggest trying Greenbottles the majority at this stage will take them and it is better nutritionally if they can.
  • How do I add a new question & answer?
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  • How do I edit or remove the 'Frequently Asked Questions' title?
    You can edit the title from the FAQ 'Settings' tab in the Editor. To remove the title from your mobile app go to the 'Site & App' tab in your Owner's app and customize.
  • Can I insert an image, video, or GIF in my FAQ?
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