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Greenbottle Caster Hatching Guide

Caster Hatching
When your casters arrive, pop them into a breathable container with ventilation.
Transfer them into the refrigerator to slow down the fly development inside the casters.
Depending on how many inverts you are feeding, take out slightly more than required from your container in the fridge, and place the casters into another breathable container. place this container in warm, dry place, and wait between 5-10 days for them to hatch
(They will darken till nearly black before hatching).
If you're lucky they will hatch much sooner. the casters I sell are known to hatch 24-48hours.
For a continuous supply, simply stagger when you take them out of the fridge and repeat the process.
If you have more flies popping then you have mouths to feed, simply pop them back into the fridge to slow down there metabolism and prolong there lifespan.
Live Flies
Upon arrival, they will need refrigerating to prolong there lifespan, if you're able to feed them before refridgerating even better.
Sugar water or diluted honey onto a piece of kitchen roll works well.
Or even a jelly pot or piece of fruit.
Please remember, it is Summer and any live flies that are sent a small percentage will perish. I always send extra to account for any losses.
Thank you!


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