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Mantis Den Medium Enclosure.


This product comes without decor, Please check for the Decor Packs.


Suitable for medium to large sized mantis.

Comes flat packed.

Mantis Den enclosures come with a locking front for wide open front access.

Designed with a barrier that allows for substrate.

The enclosure comes with 1 piece of stainless steel mesh and 1 piece of fabric organza allowing you to chose which style top you would like and fully interchangeable.

Cross ventilation and fruit fly proof.


Video for help constructing in the photos.


Want to go fully Bio active? Add on a decor pack!

Decor Packs Include -

Artificial bendy vine

Natural decor pack x 10 pieces

Seed Heads x2

2oz pot of Springtails

Membrane fabric

Lichen Moss

Hydro Rocks

Orchid Bark


Air Plant/Pothos/terrarium plant

Mantis Den Medium Enclosure

  • Please select Enclosures ONLY shipping unless you have a Praying Mantis or Invert in your order. Then please select the appropriate postage.

  • If for any reason your enclosure does not arrive in tact, please contact us as soon as possible with a photo and a refund can be arranged,

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