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The MH Pod Pack Includes;


Sterilised Oak leaves 
Spanish Dried moss 
Lichen Moss 
Acorn Caps 

Cork Bark 
Layered Bark
Lotus Pods x2 
Coco Pods x2 

MH Isopod Dishes x2 (For dinner parties)
MH Hide x1 (Cosy House)
Mantis House Substrate - This substrate is a mixture of soils, moss and chips. It is organic and loaded with full spectrum minerals, making it bio-active ready.
Contains warm manure and volcanic particulates,which helps to supply essential nutrients.
Added activated carbon works to balance out the Ph levels. 

MH Natural Decor Pack
3L Enclosure
Calcium Carbonate - Natural pure source of calcium 
Premium Isopod Grub - Specially formulated 
Algae Wafers - With Spirulina 
River Shrimp - Naturally high in protein
Premium Fish Flakes - Nutritionally balanced
Dried Mealworms - Naturally high in protein
Organic Worm Castings - Natural fertiliser


x5 or x10 Isopods, depending on species sent.


To avoid food going mouldy keep food in the bowls provided.

Extra Substrate for more depth may be required.

MH Pod Pack

  • Please select Enclosures ONLY shipping unless you have a Praying Mantis or Invert in your order. Then please select the appropriate postage.

  • If for any reason your product does not arrive in tact, please contact us as soon as possible with a photo and a refund can be arranged.

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