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Bioactive springtail culture.

Arrives in a 2oz tub.


FUN FACT - Springtails are excellent at being in a terrarium due to their natural ability to self regulate their population. Springtail populations fluctuate to reflect the amount of food available. If your terrarium has high amounts of decaying materials, the abundance of food will ramp up their population

Bioactive soil with springtails and springtail eggs ready for hatching.
A great clean up crew or as food for dart frogs, beetles, wasps, ants, spiders, salamanders and newts.

***Allow to come to room temperature then tap the springtail culture into its new environment being careful not to lose any springtails as they will jump out***

Keep their environment damp, with a good food supply to have a thriving colony for feeding or as part of a clean up crew.
They will happily eat rotting vegetables, lichens, algae, bacteria and fungi.
Leaves, soft rotting wood to name a few things.

Please bare in mind they need a while to establish, the larger the area the longer they will take.

Bioactive Springtail Culture

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