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Introducing our beautiful 3D printed Psychedelic Mushrooms, the perfect addition to any insect habitat. These unique mushrooms come in three vibrant varieties, each made with multi coloured filament to create a stunning, psychedelic effect. Your bugs will love exploring and interacting with these eye-catching mushrooms, providing both visual stimulation and a fun new environment to discover. Made with high quality materials, these mushrooms are not only visually striking, but also durable and safe for your insects to interact with. Add some color and excitement to your insect's world with our Psychedelic Mushrooms.


Mushroom Singular - Approx 5.5cm height 5 cm width

Mushroom on base - Small Approx 8cm height 5cm width

Mushroom on base - Large Approx 11cm height 7cm width


Colours will vary due to multi coloured filament.



Psychedelic Mushrooms

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